Two questions for all smart investors, worldwide

16/06/2022 10 (internet / investing in land)

1) Do You Plan to Build, or Hold and Resell?

Some investors buy land because they plan to develop it themselves, while others hope to "flip" the still-vacant land to a future buyer, ideally at a good profit. If you plan to develop the land yourself, factors that impact your ability to build or start construction immediately will be of high importance. This could be as simple as needing to plan for vehicle access or providing water, sewage, and other utilities. Even if you plan to resell the land without building, these issues will still matter because they will affect the resale value.

2) What's the Best Potential Future Use?

This will depend on the land's location and trends that indicate what will happen there in the near future. If many new businesses are setting up shop nearby, this could indicate there will soon be strong demand for residential property, meaning a large, multi-unit apartment complex could provide a high return on investment as the area develops.

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